Kohl or Surma is made from what is known in Islam as the Surma stone. It is available in super fine powder form and is an eye application that is being used by Muslims since time immemorial. It is believed that Surma was first developed by ancient healers for keeping eyes healthy and cool. It also has the ability to keep eyes protected from various potential ailments and infections.

Muslims from all over the world use Surma or Kohl religiously at specific times of the day. They believe that the Prophet laid much importance on the use of Kohl/Surma and that’s why applying Surma is a way of respecting the word of the Prophet. Surma is preserved in special glass vials or metal bottles and applied before Namaz and before retiring for the day.

When used regularly and in the prescribed manner‚ Surma can provide a number of health benefits:

  • It keeps the eyes protected from dust and pollution
  • It helps in keeping eyes cool and your vision clear
  • It provides relief to stressed and tired eyes
  • Dry eyes caused by incessant staring at computer screens can be cured by application of Surma
  • It can also counter electromagnetic pollution and other forms of harmful but invisible pollutants

While applying Surma daily is definitely beneficial to the eyes‚ its efficiency can be enhanced by intake of food products that are rich in vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C and vitamin D in the daily meals. Green vegetables‚ carrots and fennel seeds are also good for eyes as they are all rich in Vitamin A.

There is another school of thought that suggests use of Surma for burning and watery eyes. While the efficacy of Surma in treating this condition is not firmly established‚ experts suggest that Surma is best used as prophylaxis especially at bedtime. Use of Surma daily is a healthy habit that can give you immense benefits and help in keeping eyes healthy and beautiful.

The varieties of Surmas available in India are 100 per cent natural and free of any kind of chemicals. The reason for its raging popularity is its purity. They treat the crushed powder with rose water and herbs to remove the toxins before it’s packaged and marketed.

You can now buy Surma online in India conveniently as all the major suppliers and manufacturers have an online presence to ensure a wider reach for their brand.

If you desire to have clean and sparkling eyes‚ your wish can come true with the best quality Surma. It is advisable to wash eyes with clean water before you apply Surma. It is a must-have eye cosmetic for women from all walks of life today.

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