Before we analyze the benefits of Miswak, it is important to understand what Miswak is and how it is associated with Islam. Miswak is an organic and 100 percent natural teeth cleaning stick. It is obtained from the bark of the Peelu tree or the Arak tree. It may seem completely unconventional and odd for the Westerners to imagine that a stick or a tree bark can actually help in cleaning teeth but it is a regular practice among Muslims all over the world to use the stick. They have been doing it for centuries. Using Miswak is a Sunnah and is practiced by Muslims because their great Prophet Mohammed used it.

Miswak Is Being Used For Centuries

It is mentioned in a Hadith that the Miswak has a history that stretches back to many centuries. It not only provides cleaning benefits but also offers spiritual benefits as well. It is highly beneficial in everyday cleaning and maintenance of teeth, mouth, and gums. Many studies have been conducted on the efficiency of Miswak as an oral hygiene resource and the results have confirmed that it has the ability to provide great results when used for brushing teeth or protecting gums. Some studies even say that Miswak could be better than toothpaste in many ways but specifically in preventing diseases of the gums. These reports have alerted the Western countries to the benefits of Miswak and they are looking at this wonderful premium quality Miswak stick with renewed interest.

The key benefits of Miswak as established by many independent surveys and researches are:

  • Miswak helps eliminate bacteria responsible for causing gum disease
  • It is effective in fighting plaque. The bark contains an antibiotic which helps in curbing the growth of bacteria that causes plaque formation.
  • It can be used for massaging the gums to keep teeth healthy.
  • Regular use can also result in significant reduction of bacteria that causes gingivitis. It helps inhibit the growth of carcinogenic bacteria.
  • Miswak exhibits strong antibacterial properties but it is also highly effective in enhancing the appearance of teeth by making them bright and shiny. It gives teeth a healthy, attractive glow.
  • Miswak can reduce the appearance of stains caused by regular use of tobacco products, tea, and coffee.
  • It is highly effective in removing bad odor. It neutralizes the bacteria calling bad odor and creates a pleasant fragrance and feel.

The Miswak twig contains a number of useful minerals such as sodium, potassium, chloride, sodium bicarbonate and calcium oxides. These minerals have proven ability to strengthen tooth enamel. The best part is that the user can enjoy all these benefits without having to buy any mouth care products such as toothpaste, mouth washers or mouth rinsing products.

For ages, people have been using Miswak to clean teeth in the same way as we now use toothbrush. Parallel bristles can be created to clean between teeth. It can also work as a dental floss. Use of Miswak can trigger salivation and prevent episodes of mouth dryness.

A Truly Safe And Effective Natural Toothbrush

Many dentists believe that Miswak can be a great way of preventing damage to teeth and gums caused by toothpastes that have more than the recommended or permissible levels of fluoride. Excessive exposure of our mouth to fluoride can cause harm over a period of time. By using Miswak, this problem can be completely avoided. Miswak is a truly natural and safe alternative to dangerous and harmful tooth care products.

According to some dental care professionals, Miswak has the ability to proactively protect teeth and gums from damage and decay. Many users say that their perception of taste has improved significantly with the regular use of this natural stick. It means that Miswak can improve and preserve the taste buds. Also, the shape and design of the Premium Quality Al-Huda Miswak Sticks makes it easy to reach places that regular toothbrushes cannot.

Saves Money And Promotes Oral Health

From an economic point of view, Miswak is the best tooth care product to use, especially for the economically challenged. One stick can be used over and over again by simply cutting off the used tip. It can save you money as you won’t have to spend money on expensive toothbrushes.

Other Benefits

Other than the usual oral health benefits, Miswak offers numerous other health benefits. It can enhance digestion, improve memory, and ensure freshness of breath.

Many scholars of Islam recommend the use of Miswak before the regular Salah prayer. It is believed that the reward of prayers is multiplied by over 70 times if you use Miswak before offering prayers. As the use of Miswak is known to please, the Almighty Allah, users believe that they will gain more blessings due to the purification effect of this natural stick.

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