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  • hijab-emoji-min

    Hijab Emoji, A Saudi Teen’s Dream comes true

    One of the biggest downsides of digital communication was that the depth of expression was hard to achieve unless you were extremely good with words. But the arrival of emojis, those crazy little expression buttons on the texting scene, has dramatically changed the way how people express themselves while communicating online. Emojis Give More Depth
  • islamic-women-1

    Graceful Attire Of Muslim Women – Dressing According To The Tenets Of Islam

    Buy Burqa Now Most men and some women of today’s modern and liberal-thinking society tend to see modesty in personality as a sign of weakness. In Islam‚ the belief is exactly reverse. Here modesty in behavior as well as in one’s sense of dressing is regarded as a sign of respect for others as well
  • blog-img-1-min

    Benefits of Surma For Your Eyes: A Must Have Eye Cosmetic

    Buy Surma Now Kohl or Surma is made from what is known in Islam as the Surma stone. It is available in super fine powder form and is an eye application that is being used by Muslims since time immemorial. It is believed that Surma was first developed by ancient healers for keeping eyes healthy
  • blackseed

    The Proven Benefits And Cures Of Black Seed Oil

    Muslims from all over the world have immense faith in the benefits of black seed oil. Their unshakable belief in Black Seed is because they believe that the Prophet said‚ “Use this Black Seed regularly, because it is a cure for every disease, except death.” Black Seed is known as Nigella Sativa and has proven
  • blog

    Why Choose Edible Pure Olive Oil Instead Of Regular Oil

    The type of edible oil resting on your kitchen shelf is largely determined by where you live. For instance, you will find people living in the coastal areas hooked on to coconut oil while those living in humid and dry areas generally use groundnut oil or sesame oil. The choice of cooking oil also has
  • perfume

    Heavenly Islamic Fragrances, Perfumes, Attar, Musk And Pure Oils in India

    Islamic civilization was the pioneers of the perfume industry. The process of finding ways of creating unique perfumes and incenses started way back in the 7th century. Historians are sure that creating and trading perfumes and incenses began in the Arabia as there was an abundance of ingredients needed for creating exotic perfumes here. In
  • man-cleaning-teeth-miswak-stick

    Key Benefits Of Using A Miswak

    Before we analyze the benefits of Miswak, it is important to understand what Miswak is and how it is associated with Islam. Miswak is an organic and 100 percent natural teeth cleaning stick. It is obtained from the bark of the Peelu tree or the Arak tree. It may seem completely unconventional and odd for
  • Camel-Caravan

    5 Must-Read Books To Understand Islam Better

    Islam is often regarded as a complex religion to understand and comprehend by most non-Muslims. This notion could be due to the fact that few people know the real depth of knowledge that Islam has to offer. The only way to understand Islam better and in its true essence is to listen to acclaimed and
  • fasting

    The Incredible Health Benefits Of Fasting During Ramadan

    Ramzan or Ramadan is a period of prayers to Allah, reading the Holy Quran, giving away to the needy, meditation and self-purification. This is achieved through fasting. According to the Holy Quran, fasting during Ramadan is a process of being conscious of Allah. During Ramadan, fasting has a spiritual element. Fasting during this holy and
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