Most men and some women of today’s modern and liberal-thinking society tend to see modesty in personality as a sign of weakness. In Islam‚ the belief is exactly reverse. Here modesty in behavior as well as in one’s sense of dressing is regarded as a sign of respect for others as well as for oneself. Islam believes that every man and woman is born with a sense of diffidence and humility which must be preserved in everything we do and that includes dressing. Islam is probably the only religious text that has a detailed dress code for both men and women – more specifically for women. The purpose of this dress code is to promote and ensure modest and graceful dressing that allows individuals to conduct themselves with dignity and respect.

Islam States That Women Must Dress Gracefully And Modestly

The sense of wisdom in the Islamic dress code is apparent. However‚ to understand it clearly one must remember the basic concepts of Islamic dressing that requires women to be dressed modestly as well as gracefully. The religion places a lot of importance on the physical, as well as emotional health of the individual and the society. Mutual for everyone within the religion as well as for those practicing other religions is stated very clearly.

When it comes to dressing for women‚ Islam requires Muslim women to dress appropriately not only for their own comfort and value bit also to ensure that others feel comfortable around them because of their graceful sense of dressing. They are expected to create a healthy social environment with constructive morals, manners and values through their dressing and behavior.

Why Hijab Is Sacrosanct

Hijab is described by women who wear it regularly as graceful attire that sets them free from society’s expectations. When in the hijab‚ they are not visualized as objects of sexual desire but respected for their intellect. Women in hijab are not admired for their looks or sensuality but for their character and personality. Hijab does make a major difference to the sense of security that a woman feels. It also reduces the instances of sexual harassment that women are generally subjected to.

The graceful dresses that Islam recommends for women are all designed to ensure that they get more respect. Women hold a position of high reverence in Islamic traditions. The dress code for women together with attars and perfumes has been developed after careful consideration of her status in society so that her pride and integrity remains protected.

The Abaya Offers High Flexibility

Muslim women love to wear truly graceful attire called the Abaya. It is a garment designed to fully drape women from head to feet. Islam dictates that this loose‚ robe like garment must be worn by women when in public. The Abaya cannot be transparent. Only sufficiently dark and opaque dress materials can be used to design the Abaya so that the body shape and structure of women is not visible. Variation in fabric is available for designing the Abaya. Some of the commonly used materials for Abaya are Chiffon, Georgette‚ Cotton, Crepe, Lycra, Net, Rayon, Satin, and Velvet.

The Abaya also offers flexibility in choice of colors and layering. Soft colors that do not appear garish and are not attention grabbers can add more grace.

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