Islamic civilization was the pioneers of the perfume industry. The process of finding ways of creating unique perfumes and incenses started way back in the 7th century. Historians are sure that creating and trading perfumes and incenses began in the Arabia as there was an abundance of ingredients needed for creating exotic perfumes here. In all probability, ingredients were also sourced from Asia – a continent known for its herbs, minerals, and rare plants. In almost every Muslim country and community, use of incense and perfumed oils is common. They use it to create a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere in homes.  For Muslims, attar perfumes, musk, and other fragrances are a way of connecting with the Allah.

Why Muslims Place Importance On Fragrances

Perfumes and oils form an important element of religious symbolism in Islam. There is a clear indication of the Prophet’s preference for beauty and perfumes. Every Muslim must have a bath on Friday, wear the best clothes and use perfume is what the Prophet is believed to have advocated. Muslims use a variety of scented oils and perfumes for ritual cleansing not only during prayer but also for maintaining their personal hygiene as well. Muslims believe that the Prophet used musk perfume during Friday prayers and also during the pilgrimage to Mecca.

The Qur’an Quotes Flowers And Meadows

Islam is a religion synonymous with scents, oils, incense and perfumes. Islamic texts almost always have a heavy representation of flowers and gardens which are sources of scents and perfumes of the most natural variety. Even earth and heaven is represented in the form of beautiful flowery gardens in many Islamic literatures. The Qur’an has a quote which, when translated says that those who believe in good work and do good work will be in the lush and flowering meadows of the Heavenly Garden.

How To Use Perfumes

It is also evident from many religious books that Islam persuades women and men to wear perfumes to appear attractive to their spouses. The traditions and teachings of the Prophet indicate that perfume is permissible for men and women, but there is a caveat that women must be cautious in using perfume and must use it judiciously and only when with their husbands. It is also believed by Muslims that if someone offers perfume, they should not refuse it. Perfumes of sweet scent are generally offered in small, compact bottles to make it easy for people to carry.

When To Use

Muslims love to use perfumes and oils on special occasions and holidays. There is always a curiosity for buying Islamic attar in India as they are traditional and sacred. A renowned peer, a narrator of the Prophet has said that it is important to wear the best clothes on all religious occasions of celebrations such as Eid. It is equally important to apply the best perfume available in the house on such occasions. Muslims across the world continue the practice and traditions established centuries ago of wearing new clothing and perfume. The practice is commonly followed during the Eid al-Fitr which celebrates the end of Ramadan festival and during Eid al-Adha, which celebrates the conclusion of the Haj pilgrimage.

According to Islam, the perfume for men is that whose fragrance must be obvious but the color of the fragrance must be hidden. For women, the color of the perfume must be apparent but the fragrance must be not.

Islamic religious scholars are of the opinion that the pleasant fragrance of perfume can be the fuel of the human soul. The soul is the powerful engine that drives the body. It therefore, implies that the presence of fragrance nurtures the strength and power of the body.

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