Original Kimia Dates from Iran (Premium Quality) – 48 Pieces / 600 Grams Pack

Original Kimia Dates
Soft And Delicious Premium Dates
48 Hand Picked Quality Dates
Imported From Iran
Weight: Approx 650 Grams

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Product Description

Nutritional Value Of Dates:
Dates Have Been Cultivated Since Approximately 6000 B.C, And Is One Of The Sweetest Tasting Fruits. Although Dates Can Be Eaten Fresh, It Is Usually Dried To Improve Its Shelf Life. In The Dried Dates Too, They Are Available As Soft, Semi-Dry, And Dried Types. Kimia Dates Are One Among The Several Varieties Of Dates, And Are Imported From Iran. They Are Oval Shaped, Plump, Brownish-Black, With A Soft Almost Melt-In-The Mouth Type Texture And Have A Sweet Taste. Dates Are Rich In Many Vital Nutrients & Come With A Multitude Of Health Benefits.
At The Same Time, They Are Also Calorie Rich, And Have A High Glycemic Index, So Should Be Eaten In Moderation, A Handful Of Dates Each Day Provides With Good Nutrition As Well As Gives You All Its Health Benefits.

Nutrition Value:
100 Grams Of Dates Contain Around 280 Calories. Rich In Carbohydrates, Which Are Mostly Simple Sugars Like Glucose, Sucrose & Fructose. Also A Rich Source Of 20 Distinct Amino Acids. An Excellent Source Of Dietary Fiber, Both Soluble & Insoluble. Very Rich In B Complex Vitamins , Niacin ( B3), Riboflavin ( B2) , Pantothenic Acid & Particularly Pyridoxine ( B6). Contains Vitamin A & K. An Excellent Source Of Minerals Especially Copper , Iron ,Potassium , Magnesium & Calcium. Also Contains Manganese, Phosphorous & Zinc.

Health Benefits:
Promotes Digestive Health, Relieves Constipation –The Insoluble And Soluble Fiber In Dates Help To Clean Out The Gastrointestinal System, Allowing The Colon To Work At Greater Levels Of Efficiency & Prevents Constipation. Dates (Soaked Overnight ) Are Consumed As A Home Remedy For Hemorrhoids. Also The Nicotinic Content Of Dates Is Considered To Be Very Therapeutic For Treating Several Intestinal Problems. Also Being An Easily Digestible Food It Is Also Helpful During Diarrhea.

Boost Energy:
The High Content Of Simple Sugars Just Like Glucose, Sucrose As Well As Fructose Makes It A Power House Providing Instantaneous Energy.
Treats Anemia: Dates Contain High Iron Content Making Them Excellent Food For Improving Iron-Deficiency Anemia.
Strengthens Tooth Enamel: They Help Avoid Tooth Decay Due To Their Fluorine Content, An Important Chemical Element Which Slackens The Growth Of Tooth Decay Simply By Conditioning The Tooth Enamel & Reducing Plaque.

Healthy Pregnancy & Delivery:
Dates Are Generally An Outstanding Treatment For The Common Problems Faced During Pregnancy Like Excessive Bloating , Bowel Problems & Other Intestinal Disruptions. In Addition, Dates Prevent Anemia Which Is Very Important For The Health Of The Mother As Well As The Baby & Improves The Uterus Muscles. In Addition, Dates Possess Excellent Anti-Inflammatory Properties, Boosts Cardiovascular & Nervous System Health, Its Good Potassium Content Helps Reduce Blood Pressure And The Good Vitamin B6 Levels In Dates Boosts Brain Health.


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