Muslims from all over the world have immense faith in the benefits of black seed oil. Their unshakable belief in Black Seed is because they believe that the Prophet said‚ “Use this Black Seed regularly, because it is a cure for every disease, except death.”

Black Seed is known as Nigella Sativa and has proven health benefits according to numerous research reports. These seeds appear as small black grains and have a rough surface. The inside of the seed is oily white and it gives out an aroma similar to that of oregano herb. The flavor of the seed is a mix of bitter and peppery and it has a crunchy texture.

Muslims have been using black seed oil for hundreds of years and regard the seed as a prophetic herb that has a unique place among the various medicines and oils that the Prophet propagated.

You can buy black seed oil in India from various resources. Stores that sell natural food products are your best bet for buying quality black seed oil.

Here is a list of the top health benefits that regular users of black seed oil can enjoy.

Powerful Nutrient

The Black Seed oil has high nutritional values. It contains a bare minimal percentage of volatile oils making it highly stable. It is rich in amino acids, iron‚ calcium, protein‚ sodium, and potassium. Black Seed has a fair presence of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins A, B1, B2, C‚ essential fatty acids, calcium, potassium‚ niacin and iron. Our body needs these nutrients for preventing various types of diseases from invading our system. It also helps slow down the natural aging process.

Treatment Of Tumor

Black seed oil contains phytochemicals such as thymoquinone and thymol hydroquinone known for their ability to reduce tumor cells by as much as 50 percent. It can also prevent and treat cancer through a series of mechanisms including anti-proliferation and reactive oxygen species generation among others. It can also significantly reduce the toxicity effect of chemotherapeutic drugs when administered to cancer patients.

Improves Immunity

Black Seed oil is recommended for a healthy immune system. It has been used for ages in treatment of ailments related to the stomach and also for asthma‚ cold and cough. It is also an effective carminative, digestive and diuretic. Black seed oil can act as a stimulant that helps improve energy levels.

Good For Diabetics

Black seed oil is one of the few substances available in nature that can help prevent both Type I and Type II diabetes. Regular use can help improve glucose tolerance without causing any adverse effects unlike most other diabetes treatments.

Helps In Weight Management

This wonder product has excellent anti-obesity properties and can benefit those with weight problems immensely. Black seed oil is one of the most effective natural remedies available for weight control and weight loss. It also helps lower cholesterol levels and triglycerides.

Promotes Hair Re-Growth

One of the most unique and mysterious benefits of black seed oil is its ability to help in cases of hair loss. The powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of the oil probably makes this possible. It strengthens hair follicles and encourages growth of new hair. Massaging black seed oil into the scalp at least half an hour before bath can maximize hair care and also prevents hair loss.

Protects Skin

Black seed oil is known to promote the production of melanin – pigments that protect the skin from damage. Melanin is responsible for giving an individual their specific shade and color of eyes and skin. Black seed oil has profoundly healing effect on the skin.

Controls Infection

Most hospitals and healthcare centers across the globe have a tough time battling the infection-causing Staphylococcus aureus which are becoming increasingly resistant to generic antibiotics. Black seed oil has proven ability to slow down and stop the spread of these highly dangerous germs and ensure that hospital facilities are clean and free from such infections.

It is important to buy black seed oil from a reliable and reputed place to make sure you are getting quality seeds at the right price. You can buy black seed oil online in India from one of the many stores selling natural food products.

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